About ChesStories

ChesStories is a cognitive computing  company. The Company develops sophisticated algorithms that mimic high human thinking.

ChesStories creates the human reasoning model, explanations and concepts  that make sense out of a Decision Support System recommendations. The reasoning model created by ChesStories algorithms, matches the results of the brute force used by the Decision Support System. However, unlike the Decision Support System, ChesStories algorithms provide an explanations that can be understood and assessed. These explanations are rich, containing relevant concepts and factors, casual connections and reasons, provided in plain English, just like a human.

This gives the decision maker, tools for understanding of what lies behind the recommendations of the decision-support-system, thus enabling better judgment of the situation. Using the company’s algorithms results in an improvement in the predictions of the decision-support-systems.

Furthermore, ChesStories develops algorithms to describe and explain the behavior of complex dynamical systems  under specific conditions.

That is, given a known model for a given system (based, for example, on any big-data analysis), our objective is to improve  the understanding of the system behavior and the prediction of the model under concrete conditions.  ChesStories translates a given model’s good prediction capabilities into a high human conceptual language.